Gul Ahmed Textile Mills, Karachi

Project Description

KPA Consulting handled a number of projects of Gul Ahmed which is Pakistan’s top textile group. Of special mention are the following two projects.

The first project included Development of a 35MW, 11kV network interlinking 10MW gas turbine, 2x4MW diesel generators and large numbers of gas generators. The project included synchronization of power sources under various operating conditions, appropriate protection and interlocking, etc. The project was completed in 2007 and has been operational since then.

Subsequently, a detailed Short Circuit and Relay Coordination study was carried out by KPA Consulting in 2013. The project consisted of a detailed Short Circuit Analysis with the help of highly sophisticated electrical simulation software ETAP.

On the basis of this analysis, the Protective Device Coordination was performed  which involved coordination  of various relays  such  as  electromechanical  relays,  digital  relays  and relays protecting feeders having two-way power flow.

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