Khalid Pervez, CEO


Consultants – Why?

A consultant is one who provides expert professional advice based on his sound knowledge and experience of the subject of his domain. One would find consultants in practically every area of human activity: engineering, medicine, surgery, management, HR, law, education, finance, estate, etc. The significance of consultants of different trades greatly varies; the medical consultants being in the highest demand.

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Pakistan Engineering Council – An Independent View

Pakistan Engineering Council [PEC] came into being in 1976 under an Act of the parliament, called the Pakistan Engineering Council Act 1976. The purpose of constituting PEC was to regulate the engineering profession as a whole throughout the country. As per the Act, PEC is headed by a Chairman, an engineer of good standing and so is its Vice Chairman.

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Improving Engineering Education

There could be no denying the fact that engineering graduates have a strategic and long-term impact on quality and productivity growth in industry and service sectors. To produce high quality industrial products and render international-level services that are price competitive both within and outside the country, we need a high number of well trained and well qualified engineering graduates. The

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