KPA Consulting is a leading consultancy services company, operating out of Karachi, Pakistan. KPA specializes in engineering, IT and project management disciplines and over the last two decades, has provided services to customers from a very wide range of industries and applications, both in Pakistan, Middle East and Africa.

Industries We Work With

Energy and Renewables

KPA’s energy expertise encompasses fossil fuel power plants, waste heat recovery, offshore wind, solar thermal and photovoltaics.

Buildings and Interior

KPA’s buildings and interior expertise comprises a very wide variety of projects, ranging from high-end retail,offices, Data Centers to institutional buildings and high rise towers.


KPA has provided services on numerous Manufacturing projects in diverse industry sectors including FMCG, automotive, pharmaceuticals, textiles, etc. 


KPA’s experience in ICT includes intelligent building and campus, active and passive IT communication network infrastructure and Cloud based enterprise and specialty software solutions


KPA has been at the forefront of providing services in key healthcare projects ranging from primary care facilities to full-scale tertiary care hospital campuses.


KPA’s infrastructure experience includes HV/MV/LV transmission, utility and campus networks, as well as integrated wired and wireless communication networks.

Our Services

Engineering Consultants

Engineering Services

Electrical, HVAC, Vertical Transportation, Controls, Security, ICT, Plumbing, Fire Fighting

MEP Consultants

Project Management

Specialist engineering project management, PMO deployment, PMO operation and enhancement, Procurement Management

Mechanical Consultants


Fire Safety, Energy, Worthiness, Power Quality and other facility, utilities related audits

MEP Consultants


Revamping, Re-engineering, augmentation of Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, ICT, Security and other building systems/ utilities.

MEP Consultants


Project feasibility studies as well specialist technical studies related to Power systems, mechanical systems, Plumbing, Traffic and Security

Mechanical Consultants

HR Development

Technical training in design, operation, maintenance, procurement and management of building systems, utilities. Recruitment services for engineering positions.


Track Record

Twenty years of creating successful stories for our clients.

Unparalleled Expertise

Our core team comprises the most qualified and experienced professionals.

Non-Negotiable Ethics

100% free from any affiliations to vendors, manufacturers.

Engineering Consultants